THE XII Moscow International Frederick Chopin Competition for young pianists

March 27th – April 6th 2020, Moscow, Russia


1. The competition is open to young musicians of all nations born after the April, 5th 2003 (junior category) and between April, 4th 2003 and April, 06th 1999 (senior category).

2. Application forms must be submitted by February, 1st, 2020. The following documents should be attached to the application form to E-mail of competition —

• birth certificate (copy);
• brief curriculum vitae;
• recommendation given by a music institution or by two well-known musicians;
• colour photos;
• for the foreign participants — a photocopy of the first page of the passport (photo, name, number, validity) of the competitor and of the accompanying person/s each.
• a video recording of three works by F. Chopin: one Etude, one Nocturne and one of the works for Round II mentioned under point 4;

Junior category –

1) etude,
2) nocturne,
3) one piece from the second round program – ballade, scherzo or other from the program list.

Senior category –

1) etude,
2) two contrasting preludes,
3) first movement and scherzo from sonata.

Video-recording must be made just with one camera, the hands of the pianist should be seen for the whole duration of the recording. All pieces must be recorded without interruptions. The recording must be made without installations;

All documents must be written in printing, photos and tapes signed in Russian or in English.

Documents and the recording must be sending to the E-mail address of the competition:

Recording must be sending by links to YouTube or attached file.

3. Admission will be limited to a maximum of 24 musicians (in each category) to be chosen by a special selection committee on the basis of submitted applications and recordings. Each applicant will be informed by the committee if she/he is accepted before February 15th, 2020. Documents and recordings will not be returned to the applicants.

4. The entry fee $150 (in roubles) must be paid upon arrival in Moscow. It is requested not to send money in cash or checks by mail.

5. The Organizing Committee will provide the contestants and accompanying persons from countries where a visa is required to enter Russia with the official invitation.
The fee for the invitations must be paid upon arrival in Moscow.

6. Travel expenses to and from Moscow will be covered by the contestants. Participants must inform the Organizing Committee about the date and time of their arrival in Moscow.

7. The Organizing Committee covers travel expenses (to and from Moscow) for the participants of the final round (except those ones who live or study in Moscow).

8. The Organizing Committee will cover accommodation costs (accommodation and breakfast) for contestants who pass to the third round and their accompanying persons (one accompanying person for each competitor) for the duration of her/his active participation in the competition.

9. The Organizing Committee will provide practice facilities for each contestant for not less than three hours per day, additionally for opportunity to rehearse in the concert hall before each performance.

10. The contestants not admitted to the second or third rounds may stay in Moscow up to the end of the Competition on their own account.

11. Those contestants who arrive in Moscow but refuse to take part in the auditions will bear all the costs by themselves. The Organizing Committee will provide on request invitations for extra accompanying persons and organize their accommodation in Moscow with a discount.

12. The contestants' order of performance will be determined by drawing of lots. Drawing lots and registration will take place on March, 27th, 2020 (senior group) from 10 a. m. till 6 p. m. and on March, 28th, 2020 (junior group) from 10 a. m. till 6 p. m.

13. All stages of the Competition are open to the public.

14. The Competition reserves the right to record and reproduce the different phases of the Competition in audio and video. Competitors will not be entitled to performance rights arising from the possible direct or deferred broadcast of any of the phases of the Competitions on radio or TV.

15. All prize-winners are obliged to take part in the concert tours prepared by the Organizing Committee for the duration of two years after the competition.


1. The Jury will consist of internationally distinguished musicians from different countries.

2. The Jury will be guided in its work by rules elaborated by the Organizing Committee.

3. The competition consists of 3 rounds and finals. Not more than 24 contestants will be admitted to the 1st Round in each category. Not more than 12 contestants will be admitted to the 2nd round, not more than 6 — for the 3rd Round, not more than 3 contestants — for the finals.

4. The Jury has the right to interrupt the performance of contestants, who seem to be incompetent and do not appear to adhere at the end of the last day of each round's performances.

5. The Jury has the authority: 1. not to grant one or more awards; 2. to grant prizes by ex aequo; 3. to award special prizes.

6. The Jury's decisions are final and beyond appeal.


The repertoire of the Competition consists only of compositions by F. Chopin. All works should be played by heart.

Junior category (born not before 05.04.2003)

I round

One nocturne
two etudes (except of op.10 #3,6 and op.25 #7)
one polonaise

II round

Three preludes (running 1–3, 2–4, 3–5 etc.)
two mazurkas from one opus
one waltz
one of the following: Ballade, Scherzo, Fantasy, Variations Brillante, Two Impromptus
(F sharp major including), Variations, Rondo

III round

One of Concertos with Piano II accompaniment


Piano Concerto with Symphony Orchestra

Senior category (born between 06.04.1998 и 04.04.2003)

I round

Two etudes (except of op.10 #3,6 and op.25 #7)
six preludes (by choice) running 1–6, 2–7, 3–8 etc.)
one of the following: Ballade, Scherzo, Fantasy, Barcarolle, Variations Brillante, Two Impromptus (F sharp major including), Variations, Rondo

II round

One waltz
mazurkas (comlete opus)
one polonaise

III round

One nocturne or one of etudes (op.10 #3,6 and op25 #7)
sonata (by choice)


Piano Concerto with Symphony Orchestra


Junior category

1st Prize— 7.000 USD

2nd Prize— 5.000 USD

3rd Prize — 3.000 USD

Three Prizes 1.000 USD each.

Senior category

1st Prize — 10.000 USD

2nd Prize — 6.000 USD

3rd Prize — 4.000 USD

Three Prizes 2.000 USD each.

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